Almost every product available for sale from Union Square Linens is also available for rent. In general, the cost to rent the linens is 50% - 75% of the cost of purchase i.e. if you can buy it for $20 then you can likely rent it from us for $10 - $15.

If you are interested in renting linens from Union Square Linens, please call us at 917-618-4218. We do not currently offer linen rental online.

Rental from Union Square Linens is an easy 4-step process --

Step 1: Call 917-618-4218 and place your order

This part will feel very much like purchasing tablecloths. When you call, we’ll be able to let you know what the price is for the items you’re interested in renting. If you are happy with your options, then we will take all of your information over the phone (shipping and billing address, credit card information, etc.)

We will charge you the price of the tablecloths, shipping to your address (if applicable), and a security deposit that will be refunded when we receive the linens back at the end of your event.Tablecloths on a hanger

Step 2: Receive your linens in a “ready to use” fashion

Your linens will arrive to your shipping address in “ready to use” fashion. This means that they’ll be on hangers without wrinkles. All rentals are for ONE WEEK.

Step 3: After your event, return your linens to our warehouse

In the package with your linen rental, our warehouse will include shipping return labels to return the linens. After your event, box up the soiled linens and ship them back.

We’ll work with you to make sure that this process is smooth. We’ll likely ask you for the tracking number, so that we can know when to expect everything back to us.

Step 4: Receive your security deposit back from Union Square Linens

When your linens arrive, our warehouse staff will process them. This means that we’ll make sure that everything that you rented was returned and that there was no intentional damage to the linens. (Soiling that occurs in regular use such as staining is considered normal and will not result in security deposit forfeiture.)

Upon confirmation that everything looks good, we’ll refund your security deposit.

Additional notes:

  • This is a 1 week rental
  • Rentals not returned within a week are subject to another weeks rental (Even if it is one day over)
  • If items returned are not items originally rented there will be a replacement cost charged to re-inventory missing item/items
  • If items are damaged and deemed unusable there will be a replacement cost charged to re-inventory damaged item/items
  • If items are returned to the wrong address there will be an additional week fee if not received within the allowed week.
  • Items must be shipped to the address provided with the returned labels
  • Rentals must be returned in the linen duffle bag provided with the return label. If the bag is not returned there will be a $25 fee assessed
  • If the label is lost and the duffle bag is lost there will be a $25 fee plus a $10 fee for generating another return label.
  • All instructions for the return will be included in every linen rental purchase.